Abraham House is grateful to individuals, private foundations, community organizations and government agencies that support our work to strengthen the community and break the cycle of poverty and crime. Our work would not be possible without their support, guidance, and encouragement.

Abraham House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit; all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Our lead funders include:
Assurant Foundation
BTMU Foundation
Barker Welfare Foundation
Carson Family Foundation
Catholic Charities
Charles Hayden Foundation
Daphne Foundation
DJ McManus Foundation
Edward Sykes Endowment Trust
Hagedorn Fund
Iona Heffernan Foundation
King Baudouin Foundation
Lone Pine Foundation
Metzger-Price Fund
Seth Sprague Foundation
Sirus Foundation
Theodore Luce Charitable Trust
TJX Foundation
The Council Of The City Of New York
The Walt Disney Company Foundation 
The Giants Foundation
The Gettinger Family Foundation
The Joseph E. Beauchamp Charitable Trust
The Landegger Charitable Foundation
The Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
The Pinkerton Foundation
USA Weekend-Gannett Foundation Fund
William Simon Foundation




Nationally, more than half of released offenders are back in prison within three years. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

While people in every state and of every race, gender and income level make up the nation's dropouts, the crisis affects low-income youth, males, Hispanics and African-Americans disproportionately. Center for Labor Market Studies.

Strengthening the family network improves outcomes for both the prisoner and the individual family members. Urban Institute, Justice Policy Center.